A New Leaf

Our 2019-2020 Season


About Us

To Innovate theatrical Stories Through Diverse, Non-traditional Casting

Spectra Theatre Co. is an independent, student-run theatre company devoted to innovating theatrical stories through diverse, non-traditional casting across various spectrums. We take what is black and white and find the color deep within the text.

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Spectra Theatre Co. is run by students studying a variety of majors ranging from acting to anthropology at Missouri State University. Collaboration is at the heart of innovative, inclusive storytelling with MSU student organizations, LGBTQIA groups of the Ozarks, and certified intimacy directors from Intimacy Directors International.




Spectra Theatre Co. also provides an innovative outlet for students wishing to pursue theatre in a "professional" environment. Working on a professional timeline and working under Actor's Equity standards, the Pre-Professional Experience is an innovative application of BFA/BA acting/design/stage management training.


The Team